4 Tips for Choosing the Right Booth for your Restaurant

At Keca International, we value customization, agility, and quality for hospitality projects. A question that most customers ask at restaurants is “Can we sit at a booth please?” Customers are in constant search for a restaurant that not only has delicious food, but also has comfortable booths of exceptional quality. This blog will be addressing 4 tips for selecting the right custom-made booth for your restaurant.

  1. Size of the restaurant

Maximize the spaces of your restaurant by using booths. If your restaurant is relatively small, it is preferable to have mural booths as they will reduce the collision of waitresses/waiters and will encourage flow. On the other hand, if your restaurant is big, it is best to have different types of booths that have head rolls and end caps to optimize the space you have.

  1. Standard dimensions

If you want your customers to be comfortable, it is important to consider the dimensions of the booth! The edge of the table should be parallel with the edge of the booth. This tip will help provide a comfortable depth.


  1. Quality

There are two options to choose from when selecting the right booth. There is the solid foam or the spring foam. The spring foam is preferable for restaurants as it is easier for customers to get in and out of their booths. Also, it is easier to have vinyl as opposed to the fabric on booths. Fabric can absorb drinks and meals, unless you use our collection of treated fabrics. Also select from our wide selection on vinyls on our finishes section.

  1. Positioning

The positioning of booths is extremely important as it is a factor customers will consider when selecting your restaurant over another. It is preferable to have booths and tables that are along the walls of the restaurant as this leaves space in the middle area of the restaurant for tables and chairs which are movable. This tip is useful when considering customers on wheelchairs as it leaves space for them to move around. We can add this and other ideas into your hospitality projects. To make sure your furniture is adapted to the color, and style that best suited your spaces, our design team will guide you in the hole process. Keca offers a wide range of furniture. While taking into account product customization designed and produced on time and within budget.

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