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The luxurious thick interwoven braids and tapered legs speak to unparalleled attention to detail in design and construction. The Tera-Bogota collection provides ultra comfort for ideal relaxation and exceptional dining experiences.

Products in the collection:

Tera-Bogota Club Chair
Tera-Bogota Sofa
Tera-Bogota 1-seater Left arm
Tera-Bogota 1-seater Right arm
Tera-Bogota Corner
Tera-Bogota Chair w/o arms
Tera-Bogota Ottoman
Tera-Bogota Coffee Table
Tera-Bogota End table
Tera-Bogota Dining Side Chair
Tera-Bogota Dining Arm Chair
Tera-Bogota SQ Dining Table (39″ / 99cm)
Tera-Bogota Dining table (79″ X 39″) / (200cm X 99cm)
Tera-Bogota Bar Chair