Since our inception in 1995, we have evolved into one of Canada’s leading custom furniture manufacturers. A lot has changed over the years, but our dedication to high-quality handcrafted furniture and commitment to customer satisfaction has remained constant.

Available in a broad array of custom color finishes and fabrics, our furniture selection has grown to a variety of different products including chairs, barstools, booths, sofas, and more! From traditional regal-style armchairs to modern tables and sofas, our different styles of furniture accommodate all restaurants, hotels, and senior care facilities.


Our firm is dedicated to providing quality services to our clients while offering quality furniture that meets every customer’s needs


Pierre Lemieux


Cathy Lemieux

VP of Operations

Kevin Lemieux

VP of Marketing

Lorenzo Torre

Director of Corporate Development

Josée Lambert

Account Manager

André Larose

Plant Manager

Christine Mastantuono

Business Development Consultant