Introducing BW-20-US and BW-20-USB Wood Chairs

Trendy and bold, the BW-20-US and BW-20-USB chairs are our featured products of the month. A wooden structure chair with complete wood back, that can be fully upholstered. This model offers a minimal and elegant silhouette in addition to its comfort. Making it the perfect piece to many types of settings, such as hotels lobbies, restaurants and lounges areas.

The BW-20-US is one of the Keca’s Euroline stars. The simplicity and versatility of this model make it perfect for any type of design concept. With the selection of the right fabric can become the accent piece or be the neutral element to create the right harmony in the room. For those seeking that unique piece, feel free to contact our team of professionals for custom made orders.

At Keca International we offer to all our clients a vast variety of chairs, barstools, and tables, accessible in different styles and materials for your hospitality project. Additionally, the first BW-20-US pictured above has a dark wood finish structure, upholstered seat, and strong wood back with a gap for improved mobility. The second has a complete upholstered green back and light wood, accomplishing a subtle contrast of neutral colors.

Models available in all our standards wood stained colors, and any custom-made color.
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