8 tips for the perfect outdoor space

Winter is here but we want to warm you up with these simple tips to achieve the perfect outdoor space and select the right furniture so that you can be ready for the spring/summer season.

This year, Keca international unveils our latest outdoor collection for 2017. This collection consists of over than 30 products ranging from rattan, fiberglass, and aluminum chairs/tables, to soft seating, aluminum bases and table tops.

We present 8 basic principles for the perfect outdoor furniture. We can provide everything to make your outdoor area a great spot for guests during the warmer months.

1- Function

Restaurant terrace or pool area? Big or small groups? Depending on your layout, some furniture will fit better than others. For a restaurant terrace, consider pieces with multiple purposes. Ottomans can double seating capacity and benches can be used as tables or storage space. If your plan is to frequently host large groups in a pool area, durable and waterproof seating is required!

2- Dimensions

Sketch your outdoor space to determine if the elements you want actually fit.  Consider scale, size and different ideas before engaging in specific furniture styles. The idea is to create a consistent and fluid space.


3- Environment

What is the climate like where you are located? Climate can have a large impact when selecting outdoor furniture. Dry conditions may damage the wood furniture and don’t do well in moist and humid conditions. We bring you our Ratana collection made of Resin, a material which mimics wicker and wood but is resilient and weather-resistant.

4- Style

Your spaces say something about yourself and your taste; outdoor furniture is no exception. A casual style can be functional and welcoming, while a formal style can compliment your indoor area. Sophisticated styling with contemporary lines are perfect for the terrace of a hi-profile restaurant, and incorporating dynamic colors and patterns are perfect for bohemian designs.

5- Maintenance

Every material has a maintenance requirement. Make sure that the outdoor furniture of your choice is made of a material with minimal upkeep. For example, our Roma and Niza Outdoor family, made from Aluminum, requires very little maintenance and simple car wax can add extra protection. Additionally, our polymer outdoor chairs are reinforced by glass fiber and are maintenance-free, perfect for your exterior restaurant.


6- Storage

Unfortunately, winter is a recurring season and it is important to understand your storage needs. If you can store your furniture inside, it is better to purchase stackable furniture in order to save space. You will find many stackable models in this seasons’ outdoor collection.

7- Quality

Good quality outdoor furniture is a great investment. Search for signs of quality like sturdy joints, stainless steel frames, cast aluminum frames, and bold legs for added support.

8- Budget

Budget problems? Consider getting a similar look in a less expensive material. Buy the best you can afford for your hospitality business; your clients and your employees will appreciate you in the long run. The Keca International team will guide you in choosing outdoor furniture that suits your design and budget need!


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