10 Hospitality interior design trends 2018

Hello 2018, we are ready for you! Now the fun begins as we watch some hospitality interior trends continue from 2017 and new ones emerge. This new year is all about options that express your unique perspective on décor. Our latest blog will show you this trend and how they can transform your spaces with this 10 Hospitality interior design trends 2018.

  1. The color of the year 2018: Ultra Violet

Pantone has named Ultra Violet the 2018 Color of the year. Bold yet enigmatic, mystic and imaginative, this color introduces a bit of positive and creative mix into the design world. Feminine and still strongly masculine, Ultra Violet is formerly associated with artists that wave it as a sign of their originality, like Jimmy Hendrix, Prince or David Bowie. Let’s say goodbye to playing it safe in the design world as this chosen shade is far from boring! If you are shy, use all the shades on statement pieces like chairs, barstools and lounge seating.

  1. Maximalism

More texture, color, pattern, embellishment, comfort and eclectic style. Maximalism marks a move away from the Scandinavian-inspired minimalism that has dominated in recent years. It is about gathering things that bring joy and coziness. Designers want to express themselves and maximalism allows them to do that. As a result, in a time when everything looks the same, it’s exciting to see this new trend gaining traction. At Keca, we adapt to our clients with an extended range of custom possibilities, with amazing results, like the bar and dining area of the prestigious Manoir Hovey Hotel – North Hatley. See more in our projects section.

  1. Velvet Upholstery

Velvet is not a new trend. In fact, like last year, there is still a need for engaging design on a textural level, a need for comfort and things to be very tactile. The elegant velvet has become the Key fabric across all hospitality interiors, for its versatility used on booths, barstools, soft seating, and chairs. Have a look at our new models MX-ALBONE on Velvet from fabrics collections, Franklin Collection from J. Ennis Fabrics and Plaza Collection from Mayer Fabrics.


  1. Mixing Metals

Like velvet, metallics aren’t exactly a newfangled design movement, but at this point, they’re taking over and all is in the mix. Everything goes together, warm-toned fixtures live harmoniously with stainless details. It’s all good. The key with metallics is to counterbalance them with the right materials like concrete, wood, leather, and velvet. Get into the mix with our latest metal chair and barstool models in shiny and matte brass, MX-ALBONE and CG-18020 (1).

  1. Sculptural Seating

Embrace the Curves! For 2018, seating is going to be all about quirky curves, sculptural pieces with an edge. Lounge chairs, sofas, and booths will take cues from the ‘70s this season, with unique silhouettes. As we could see in last year’s Salon del Mobile Milan, the trends are moving towards comfort, with many low, puffy, curved and plump shapes. Our new CG-Dahlia, its avant-garde design is architectural and both retro and contemporary at the same time. We will provide you with the comfort and the shape that you are looking for your next hospitality project.

  1. Terracotta

This rich earthy color and all its shades will be for this year, what emerald green was for the interiors for 2017. It will take over on material such as textiles, ceramics, and tiles. This shade is in the bronze family, with a touch of orange and red. Adding an ethnic and warm sensation to every space where it is used. Like these great black chairs with terracotta vinyl at the Vertigo restaurant – Montreal Downtown, in featured projects. Explore our Standard Fabrics and Vinyls section for more in this great color.

  1. Colours

Like terracotta, an abundance of warm and earthy colors are taking over this year’s tendencies, replacing the more minimal palette of previous seasons. A perfect incentive to push the boundaries of pattern and color. While neutral shades should still make up a portion of your design, we’ll see them take much more of a background position. Tones of sienna, tan, black forest, millennial pink, emerald green and watermelon red will be used all over the walls, as well on the fabric of chairs, sofas and lounge seating. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, check our Pinterest board for more color tendencies and some amazing ways add them to your next project.

Here some of this year colors:

Benjamin Moore: Caliente AF-290 color of the year 2018 / Sherwin-Williams: Oceanside SW 6496 Colors of the Month / Behr: In The Moment T18-15 Color of the year 2018 

Pantone: Spring 2018 Colors / The Voice of Color: Black Flame PPG-1043-7 color of the year 2018


  1. Patterned plants

Last year Pantone’s color of the year greenery, brought in nature, with greenhouse-inspired interiors, full of hard-to-kill plants, with ornately patterned leaves. They even transcendent to become a must on wallpapers and fabrics. There is no doubt that we will keep seeing that this year. You can go crazy with a luxury leave pattern fabrics or wallpaper, or if you are designing on a budget, plants are very affordable and are an awesome way to decorate Lobbies and senior homes spaces by adding pretty color, fresh O2, and fun planters.

  1. Organic or geometric

Flower prints are out this year. Instead, we will see organic or geometric patterns. These 2 opposites in design will be the key trend on fabrics and wallpapers. Geometric designs take cues from the 60 and 70 eras with dashes, stripes and diamond shapes in warm colors. Organic styles will be seen with soft and watercolor markings on wallpapers and murals. These trends are easy to apply, adding drama and a focal point to every design, like with our model CG-ALBONE in a geometric pattern or de organic back of our soft seating Dalia.

  1. Comfort Spaces

From retail stores that include coffee shops and spas, to communal workspaces that look like living rooms, the boundaries between work and leisure are becoming increasingly blurred. First of all, spaces are shifting towards design that is more casual and focused on experience rather than aesthetics. Also, hospitality and restaurant design will permeate all different sectors, from fashion to retail, office and more. As a result, this trend will be also reflected in furniture’s finishes, with the use of tactile and comfy fabrics, live velvets. Check our projects section for more inspiration on comfort and mixes spaces. We can add this and other ideas into your hospitality projects. To make sure your furniture is adapted to the color, and style that best suited your spaces, our design team will guide you in the hole process. Keca offers a wide range of furniture. While taking into account product customization designed and produced on time and within budget.

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